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Ramblings of an Author


  • December 2nd 2016
  • If you don't write, I get it I really do, for you have no idea what an
  • author goes through to put out a novel. You have no idea the hours, the
  • rewrites, the hair left on the desk, the money, the research....on and
  • on. However, you have to have some inclination how much work goes into
  • it--or at least I would hope. So, it truly amazes me how many people
will ask for a free book.
As indie author's we have a ton of give
aways (funded from our own pockets by the way) and promotions up the
wazoo that cost you nothing to enter. With that said, I'm a little
offended when someone I don't know ask me for a free copy of my work
that I have spent time and money to create.
I mean, if I offer you a copy that's one thing, but I find it rude for a complete stranger to be so bold.

Small town girl with a wild imagination. I have dreams as big and bright as the moon and stars.


Life is so short, you must live it to the fullest even if that means living it in a world you create when you write. Have all the fun you can while you’re here on earth, you won’t get a second chance.

In the heart of every writer is a child. Some times their child is playful and loving other times their child is wicked and demented--I happened to get the latter of the two.

Here's the thing, no two writers write the same. Stephen King doesn't write like Dean Kootz, Dean Kootz, doesn't write like Ann Rice, and Ann Rice doesn't write V.C. Andrews--this fact is a beautiful thing. Now, some people aren't going to like what you write while others will love it. You must take it all in but not let it weigh you down.
Write on author's, write on.

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